A Trip Down Memory Lane?

The weather forecast said it would be suiteable for hiking, this first day in our summer holiday, so that’s what we planned for. Oslo is both a capital, and a county, and the backyard is a huge forest! I wanted to go to Nordmarka (The North Forest) as we’d been a lot East so far. Hubby looked at […]

Summer holiday, Yay!

Three weeks of summer holiday lies ahead of us! 🙂 This year it’s gonna be in Norway, “The holiday destination close to you”. That’s how it is when you’ve got a dog… No signs of stress so far, we’ll stay at home for a few days, relaxing, and hoping that the weather forecast will change it’s mind […]


Sunday 19th July was a morning to my likings. Sleep in, brekkie on the front porch, reading the paper. But we had decided to take Issi on a Sunday hike, and the destination was Ramstadslottet. The only thing I knew about Ramstadslottet, it wasn’t a castle (slott = castle/palace). It’s a hill, the third highest in that forest area, […]

Visiting Issi’s breeder.

We had been invited to Issi’s breeder Saturday 11th July, together with several other who had bought puppies from them in the past. The kennel is situated 2,5 hrs drive south of Oslo and since this was going to be an all day activity, we’d pre booked a small cabin at a camping site from […]

First camping for the summer

Friday July 3rd, while doing the grocery shopping, we decided to go camping that weekend in one of the nearby forests. To a lake called Langevann (“Long Lake”). The trick was to find suitable food that didn’t need a fridge. Sliced bread and some toppings did it. Back home we had to dig out the camping […]