A quick evening walk

It had to be a “quick” walk on Thursday 25th June. I came home from work later than usually, after a rather desperate attempt to find birthday presents for our boys. The eldest had his birthday the next day (Friday 26th June) and the youngest had his birthday Saturday 27th June. Anyway, Issi deserved a walk after […]

A Wednesday walk

After a rainy day, on Wednesday June 17th, it finally cleared up around 6 pm. But it wasn’t until 8.30 pm we managed to get out of the house. Since the forest obviously was soaking wet and it was a bit late, we decided to take the main path, which is lighted at night, through the forest. […]

Eveningwalk on a Thursday

On Thursdays, I’m never home from work before 7 pm. And then it’s dinner, so it always takes a while before we’re ready for a walk with Issi. Thursday June 5th, we were joined by Hubby. We live right next to Gjelleråsmarka, a hill in one of the surrounding forests of Oslo, and it’s brilliant to use […]