About me

The adress to this site is “skogens datter” which translates to “daughter of the forest”. The Urban daugther of the forest, is actually more accurate.
I was born and raised in a village in one of the surrounding forests of Oslo, but never really used it except for playing with friends. After moving out, I’ve lived various places in Oslo, always close to the forest, but never far from public transport. I like having quick access to both the forest and the city.

Short bio:
Married to a computer wiz, mother of to boys (rather grown). Been training Judo since 2007, got the Blue belt in 2013.
This blog will mainly be about our life with our Siberian Husky, Issi. We’ve had her since July 2014, when she was 8 weeks old.

Also, I got a genuin interest for ’80s music, and I collect vinyl. Lots of it. Mainly LP’s, but also 7″ and 12″. I can guarantee there’ll be some of that as well in here.